Lynn Campbell - Artist’s Statement


Painting is a joyful, freeing, and meditative process for me. It is a means to express myself in colors, shapes, and textures that which cannot be conveyed through language alone. Each piece emerges from the depths of the inner landscape, revealing itself layer upon layer as it has been touched and forever changed by the beauty of the outer landscape.

My art is inspired by my love of nature, my travels around the globe, the people who have crossed paths with me, and the feelings evoked in relationship to all that is perceived by the senses and everything that touches my heart. Each painting is birthed from a state of gratitude for the sacredness, beauty, and mystery of life.

I’ve been a lover of all the arts my entire life, expressing this love through dancing, writing, acting, singing, and dabbling with various musical instruments. After graduating as a Creative Writing Major, I worked in the corporate world, studied with master shamans from Peru, learned from Kahunas in Hawaii, trained for many years with world renowned holistic doctors and authors, studied for 8 years with monks in the sacred forest of India, worked as a holistic healthcare practitioner, taught meditation and mindfulness, and led workshops. It wasn't until much later in life that I discovered my mom's and grandfather's passion for painting. Although I am self-taught, my love for all forms of art has been influenced by them both.

Working intuitively with mixed media in a very time consuming process, I employ multiple layers of abstraction on both canvas and wood panel. I strive to see the beauty everywhere, to approach life with a sense of awe and wonderment at the mystery of it all, and I hope to convey this through my paintings. All my work is original and one of a kind and can be found in both private and corporate collections. Born and raised in Georgia, I currently reside in Atlanta.